Special Circumstance

Special Circumstance Forms

The Office of Financial Aid acknowledges that the FAFSA may not always present a true reflection of your current financial situation. 

If you are or have experienced a significant change of circumstance since you submitted your FAFSA, you may request a reevaluation of your financial aid eligibility.

Please be advised that once you have initiated a special circumstance request, you are required to submit your parent's prior year tax transcript, W-2s, and other verification documents. Circumstances that are considered for review include, employment loss, loss of income, death of parent or spouse, separation or divorce, out of pocket medical or dental expenses, cost of attendance increase, etc.

Special Circumstance reviews are carefully considered on a case by case basis as circumstances may vary. The review process time frame will fluctuate as we do receive a significant number of requests each year. Notification will be made in writing regarding the final decision once the review is complete.

Note: A change in circumstance does not guarantee approval and an approval does not guarantee you will become eligible for more aid.


Last updated 12/19/2016
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